Everything You Need to Know to Cultivate Marijuana With Led Lights

Ideal for mother plants and cuttings, although any type of cultivation is adapted to them, leds are ideal for their savings, duration and distribution of light throughout the plant. The final result is also better with this type of lighting, as terpenes do not volatilize as much. In addition to the energy savings, we can save water, as not so much evaporation is generated. We will tell you everything you need to know about these small bulbs and some recommendations to buy them and even more. We can tell you where to find best stealth grow box ..

They are small, they save a lot of energy and money and on top of that they are good for your cannabis cultivation. The diodes that form the LEDs do not lose energy, so you get their full potential when they are on. By comparison, their life span is 30 times longer than that of an incandescent lamp or fluorescent tube and 25 times longer than that of a halogen. Alone or in groups, this is how they should be used to obtain the full performance of an indoor culture.

Ledes have various spectra or colours, according to each stage of cannabis cultivation. Thus, blue ledes are used for the growing phase, red ledes for the flowering phase (there are even different spectra of red to use), and both at the same time for growth and flowering. Another option is to use white ledes for the vegetative phase. Panels with several lights together are also sold. That is one of their main virtues: they are so small and handy, and they have such a great variety of colors, that it is easy to adapt them to the needs of each moment. In addition, it is very difficult for them to break when we manoeuvre them.

When preparing the cabinet, we must take into account that the LED lights emit light downwards, so there may be areas of the plants that are not illuminated. If there are several of them, they will have to be rotated inside the space. Rails such as the Light Rail help to distribute the lights, which in any case cannot be less than 15 centimetres apart.

The light does not stress the plants (the small thermal difference between on and off helps) nor, unlike HPS systems, does it volatilize more terpenes. They will not even emit much heat to suffocate them, so there will be no need for a very large ventilation system to aerate the cabinet and whose noise might arouse the suspicions of the neighbours. However, the most expert cannabis growers recommend a dehumidifier to control the humidity.

In addition to this element, less water is needed, since evaporation is lower (ledes emit less heat). Another advantage of this is that it will also require less nutrients: with less heat and less water, the plants will take up the food more slowly and over-fertilization will be avoided. This has another advantage: if we do not overwater, we will avoid the appearance of fungus.

What lights to buy

It’s time to get the lights. It will partly depend on the size of your grow room or the variety you are growing. If, for example, you have a short flowering period, a 90W is ideal. However, if you are buying them with an estimate of the surface area, if it is less than 1 m2, there are 120 W lamps that will do their job well. For a little more space, but not too much more, there are 130 W lamps.

However, for larger spaces, such as 120×120 centimetres, you should opt for 200 W: they are also suitable for mother plants and are easy to operate if you have a rail. Finally, the 280 W are great for SOG and SCROG crops. In any case, the cabinet space does not have to be very large: since the lights emit little heat, if we want to grow several plants at once we can bring them close together without risk of burning them, so there is no need to invest money in a large one. This factor, especially in summer, will help to make the temperatures more adjustable.

All the bulbs described are suitable for the growth and flowering phases, but we must remember that there are also bulbs for both phases, with a useful life of 30,000 hours, hooks and a connection cable for the electrical network. These lamps are 26 W; if you need something more powerful, up to 440 W, try a Dominator 2X by Lush Lighting which, due to its dimensions (103x27x13.3 centimetres), is ideal for a large cabinet.

The LED lighting can also help you to observe the trichomes. There are portable microscopes with LED lighting, such as the 45X and x100 (45 and 100 magnification, respectively), which allow you to check the good condition of the buds and whether they are already suitable for cultivation. They can also be used to monitor diseases and pests.

Warnings when operating with LED lights

Although everything is wonderful with Ledes, there are some tips to keep in mind. At first we warned you that the lights cannot be at a certain distance. This means that if the plant is very tall or stretched out, the light will have difficulty reaching the lower parts. But this factor does not mean that we have to discard this type of lighting, but we could opt for cultivation techniques such as Low Stress Training (LST), with which we control the height by making the plants grow horizontally.

Since their power is usually the same throughout and can last for several years, LSTs are one of the best options for growing marijuana. All that remains is for you to get the rest of your indoor growing equipment and get on with it. Good harvest!