The good growth of indoor plants depends on several things. Grow lighting is one of those crucial things. Your plants cannot gain natural light when the whole space is covered to block the sunlight. Therefore, you need to provide those plants with an artificial light source. 

People have been using traditional light bulbs to grow cannabis and other crops for a long time. Now many are switching to LED grow lights and it is something new for them. A 12 watt LED grow light is considered perfect for producing high yielding crops. LED lights are designed to offer a long-lasting service without increasing your power bills. Many brands produce 12w LED grow light and all of them are not equally good or powerful. Some grow lights can provide a much power-efficient and longer service than ordinary lights. Therefore, your goal should be buying the best LED grow light to grow indoor plants. 

Top five 12 watt LED grow light reviews

You are going to find many options in 12 watt LED grow light. However, you might end up by placing a bulk order for poor quality bulbs if you do not check the following 12 watt LED grow light bulb review

iPower GLLEDXA12C Full Spectrum 12 watt LED Grow Light:

The iPower GLLEDXA12C is suitable for growing all types of indoor plants. It is designed to emit the wavelength plants need for photosynthesis. You can use this light to grow a variety of plants inside your home or office, including roses, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and other indoor plants. 

The experts recommend it as one of the best 12 watt led lights for growing cannabis. So, if your goal is to produce a healthy crop of cannabis indoors, you should prefer iPower GLLEDXA12C. This grow lamp is a perfect solution to ensure your plants will grow and flourish faster. It provides ample light and warmth to boost plant’s growth in all the stages and therefore professional growers place a bulk order for iPower GLLEDXA12C. 

Designed to boost the growth of plants in all the stages
It is quite bright but consumes less power than many other 12w LED grow light bulbs. Perfect to use in high humidity areas. The manufacturer is offering a free 1 year support. 
You do not get mounting accessories with this LED grow light. 

AeroGarden 12w LED Grow Light:

This 12w led grow light is quite easy to use and it fits on any standard light bulb socket you have. It is perfect to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, throughout the year, anywhere you want. It is listed among the 12 watt led lights for growing cannabis. This LED grow light keeps your plants healthy from seeding to flowering and flowering to harvest. 

Unlike other poor quality LEDs, the AeroGarden 12w LED Grow Light shines bright and allows you to grow your plants in aquaponics, hydroponics, and soil. It is ideal for indoor plants, but it won’t hurt your eyes. There is no harsh purple glare which often forces growers to switch to other grow lights. There will not be any heat buildup and your plants will flourish like you never experienced before. With service life up to 30,000 hours, it is an ideal grow light to ensure good health of any indoor plant. 

One of the 12 watt led grow light bulbs to maintain fast growth and good health of plants. 30,000 service hours. 
Fits on any standard light bulb socket. 
Power-efficient and shines brighter than many other LED grow lights. 
Perfect to grow plants in soil, aquaponics, and hydroponics. 
The customers are unhappy because the manufacturer fails to deliver the items included in the package. 
No mounting accessories.

GHodec Full Spectrum Dual Head 12 watt LED grow light:

It is probably the most stylish grow light we have listed in this 12 watt led grow light bulb review. It offers you with 44 powerful LEDs, which include 12 Red, 12 Blue, and 20 Yellow. It seems like this LED produces natural sunlight when turned on. That’s why it is ideal for growing cannabis plants in an indoor space. 

This LED bulb offers purple, warm white, and pink light spectrums for complete growth of your plants. It ensures proper blooming, photosynthesis, and offers increased light intensity to enhance photosynthesis. The traditional light bulbs can’t provide such awesome support to grow healthy crops inside the home. That’s why it is one of the 12 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Pros  Cons
This 12 watt led grow light is offering a perfect combination of 12 Red, 12 Blue, and 12 Yellow lights. 10-level brightness with three different color modes. 
You can use timer to on and off this LED grow light automatically. 
Offering 360° gooseneck for easy adjustment. 30,000 hours of unbeatable service guaranteed. 
It might get a little dimmer after regular usage.  

MiracleLED 604967 12W Pennies MAX Plant LED Grow Light with Clamp Lamp Fixture:

This full-spectrum LED is the best light for growing cannabis inside a dark space. It can produce full daylight spectrum with Blue LEDs 470Nm and Red LEDs 690Nm, which is necessary for different stages of plant growth. Your plants get everything they naturally take in nature to grow faster and get healthier. You just need to select the right hanging height during different stages of growth. This 12 watt LED grow light will ensure you harvest the best cannabis crop. 

Lights produced by MiracleLED have 10-times longer life span than ordinary LEDs. This company specializes in producing LEDs with full spectrum light. Your plants absorb maximum light, it emits no UV light, and no mercury. You would purchase this cost-effective 12 watt LED if you want to practice chemical-free indoor farming. It can be used in various areas from small kitchen herb gardens to large indoor cannabis farms. 

You get ultra-efficient LEDs which consume only 12w. 
A free clamp light fixture is included in the package. 
Full daylight spectrum with Red LEDs 690Nm and Blue LEDs 470Nm. 
Even though it shines quite bright, it stays cool to ensure good health of your plants. Perfect for hydroponic gardens. 
Although MiracleLED claims, this 12 watt led grow light fails to simulate natural sunlight. 

Active Grow T5 High Output 12 watt LED Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Gardens, Hydroponics & Vertical Racks:

The Active Grow T5 HO LED Grow Light Fixture is equipped with top quality aluminum reflectors, the finest electronic ballasts, and it designed to be hung in various configurations. Therefore, it fits in all kinds of growing environments. It is the best light for growing cannabis because it doubles the PPF efficiency without consuming too much power. It emits 100% more effective spectrum than ordinary LEDs for quick and effective plant growth. That’s why pros call it the best 12 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Produces traditional fluorescent, sun white and red bloom spectrums.
Consumes 45% less energy than ordinary LEDs. 
You can connect eight LEDs on a 120V circuit. 
More than 30,000 hours of service life. 
Active Grow does not supply any mounting accessory with this LED. 

Final thoughts: Now it should not be too tough for you to pick the best 12 watt led lights for growing cannabis. All the reviewed LEDs are the best for this job and chosen by thousands of happy customers. Therefore, you can trust our selection and pick an LED grow light now.