Top Five 125 Watt LED Grow Lights

Indoor growers are looking for more cost-effective solutions to grow a variety of plants indoors. They are already spending a lot of money to buy equipment for ventilation, seeds, temperature control, CO2 regulation, and lighting. Growing weeds indoors is getting costlier with every passing day. Therefore, people are looking for ways of reducing the cost of growing weeds indoors. A 125 watt LED grow light promises to reduce the growing cost and offer a long-lasting lighting solution. Many indoor growers have bought and used 125w LED grow light. They are impressed with its performance because it is power-efficient and offers full-spectrum light for better growth of plants. 

You should also try 125 watt led lights for growing cannabis if you want to cut the cost of growing weeds. We have listed and reviewed the best LED grow lights in this category. You can quickly assess and find the best LED grow light for your plants.  

125 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews:

The following are the best 125 watt led light fixtures for growing weeds and a variety of indoor plants. Check each 125 watt led grow light bulb review to pick a perfect grow light for your plants.

1. fSpectrum+ 125W high-efficiency LED Grow Light: Best 125 watt LED Grow Light:

Listed as one of the best 125 watt led lights for growing cannabis, the fSPectrum 125w High-Efficiency LED Grow Light has everything it takes to grow healthy indoor plants. Its aerodynamic design and high-quality aluminum construction act like a passive cooling mechanism. It features a power button that you can push and turn on this powerful and vitalizing light spectrum to flourish your weeds indoors. 

This LED grows light is suitable for growing all types of indoor plants, especially cannabis plants. It will provide ample light during all the stages of growth. Your plants will grow stronger much faster than they could ever flourish under a traditional HID lamp. It offers up to 35% more plant-beneficial light/watt than other LEDs and that’s why it is the first choice of many indoor growers across the globe. You should invest in this 125 watt led light if you want a full spectrum LED with a promise of superb performance for the next 60,000 hours (minimum). 

It provides an impressive number of photons to ensure a greater photosynthesis rate.
It allows you to schedule sunrise and sunset light intensity to enhance savings and reduce light stress. 
100% coverage. 
Consumes 60% less power than ordinary LEDs. 
Excite LED is offering a 3-year warranty and assuring 60,000+ hours of unproblematic service.
Placing bulk orders might not be a feasible solution for you if your budget is quite tight. 

2. 125w EnviroGro Hydroponic Grow light by LUMii:

This grow light offers a perfect combination of closed-end design with parabolic inner reflector. It is designed to direct focused light on your plants to ensure their quick growth. It is a power-efficient grow light that comes in 3 different sizes. Each has a different color temperature and this feature allows you to cut the power costs without compromising with the quality of yields.  

All the grow lights offered by LUMii are affordable and designed to offer long-lasting service. These are powerful and high-output fluorescent lamps which operate at a lower wattage. These lights do not produce too much heat to affect the smooth growth of your plants. That’s why it is one of the best grow lights in the 125w category. 

Hanging support is available. 
It consumes less power and stays cool throughout time. 
Available in various different colors for different growth stages.
Not as power-efficient as a 125w led grow light

3. LYDIAMOON 125W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, Reflective Cup Design UV IR Dual-Fan System with Daisy Chain LED Grow Plant Lamp for Indoor Plants

Promoted as reliable 125 watt led lights for growing cannabis, the LYDIAMOON 125W LED is a durable and high-performance grow light for indoor gardening. Its iron casing along with stainless steel lanyard and copper hook offer it a robust structure to survive in any kind of harsh environment. It is okay if you are using other LEDs. Its Daisy Chain function allows it to get an adjustable spectrum during different stages of growth without mounting several sockets. 

Even though you use this 125 watt LED grow light throughout the day, it won’t emit excess heat. It has a dual-fan system that prevents excess heat. Its heat dissipation ability is simply amazing and that’s why you can keep it on for several hours. Reflective cup design of this 125w led grow light allows you to easily adjust the illumination angle in order to put the light uniformly on each plant.  All such features make it a wonderful choice for every indoor grower. 

The robust iron casing protects LEDs against all sorts of hazards. 
Daisy chain functions.
Dual-fan cooling system. 
Reflective cup design to distribute light uniformly on the plants. 
All the essential accessories are included in the package. 
This 125 watt LED grow light is a bit heavy. 

4. Full Spectrum 125 Watt LED Grow Light Growth Lamp for Greenhouse Grow Tent Hydroponics Plants Fruit and Vegetable:

Your search for the best light for growing cannabis is over, if you want to buy a grow light with all the required accessories. This 125 watt led light effectively simulates the sunlight. It offers your plants with the wavelength of the light that is essential to boost up the photosynthesis process. Your indoor cannabis plants will never know that they are grown in a confined darkroom because this light will perfectly simulate natural sunlight. It is the best LED grow light to shorten the growth cycle of indoor plants. 

This 125 watt LED grow light will offer years of unproblematic service if you give a 20-min rest after 6 hours of continuous working. 

Different LED beads are placed perfectly in a uniquely shaped light. High light efficiency. 
It provides ample support during all the growth stages. 
Boosts the photosynthesis process to shorten the growth cycle and that’s why it is the best light for growing cannabis.
Not a great choice if you want to use it consistently for 12 hours. 

5. Hydrofarm FLC125W 125-Watt Compact Warm Fluorescent Bulb:

It is a compact warm fluorescent bulb that offers full-spectrum light for good growth of your plants. Although it is not a 125 watt led grow light, this CFL is still quite power-efficient. It assures maximum flowering with minimum investment. You can hang it horizontally or vertically inside the plant canopy. This unique CFL has 7,000 initial lumens 2700 Kelvin color temperature. Thus, it becomes an ideal choice for growing a variety of plants indoors.  

It is a compact and warm fluorescent bulb. Emits no heat. 
Emits full-spectrum light on your plants.
It is a CFL and not one of those power-efficient 125 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Final thoughts: Now it should not be to daunting to pick the best 125 watt led lights for growing cannabis. Every feature-rich and top-rated light is included in this 125 watt led grow light bulb review. Therefore, you can easily assess and buy the best LED grow light for your indoor farm.