Five Top Rated 150 Watt LED Grow Light Fixtures

The market is flooded with 150 watt LED grow light fixtures and bulbs since people knew it is the best light source for their indoor gardens. People want their plants to grow faster and stay healthy till the day they harvest the yields. Unfortunately, indoor growers end up by buying ordinary LED bulbs. It affects their efforts of producing high-quality product, especially if it is cannabis. You should not make the same mistake which hundreds of buyers have made till the date. Do not trust those flashy promotions and big claims. First assess the best products and then pick the best 150 watt led lights for growing cannabis.  

We have assessed many 150w LEDs to know which one actually offers everything the brand claims. It was a tough task to pick top five best because there are so many options. This 150 watt led grow light bulb review is going to reveal 5 absolutely best LED grow lights for your indoor plants. 

150 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews:

Carefully read each 150 watt led grow light bulb review to reveal the features along with pros and cons. That’s how you are going to choose perfect LED grow lights for cannabis and other plants. 

1. LVJING 150 watt LED Grow Light Bulb with 414 LED’s Foldable Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Vegetables, Greenhouse & Hydroponic Growing:

This 150W LED grow light is way better than other 150w grow lights. It offers your plants something better than that traditional narrow spectrum of red and blue lights. All the LED bulbs in this fixture offer 120° of exceptionally blended color to imitate natural sunlight for your plants. Your plants get warm and cool white light along with necessary red and blue lights. 

Yes, it is the best 150 watt led lights for growing cannabis due to many reasons. You can rotate it up to 180° to adjust the angle of light falling on your plants. Its multi-row LED chips quickly cover a wide area with illumination to ensure your plants are getting efficient lighting to boost the photosynthesis process and grow better. This LED is waterproof, it aids in boosting the fructification process and overall growth of the plant. That’s why it is one of the best 150 watt led grow light fixtures you can buy today. 

Produces Sunlike full spectrum. It has a wide illumination area. 
You can rotate it up to 180° to expand the illumination angle. 
It has a higher PAR/lumen output. 
Over 50,000 hours of service life. 
This 150w led grow light is a bit heavy in comparison to other 150W grow lights. 

2. ECRU LED Grow Light Panel – 150W LED Grow Light with Natural Solar Full Spectrum:

If ordinary LEDs are not helping you in cutting your monthly power bills, you should switch to the ECRU LED Grow Light Panel. This 150w LED grow light can be a great solution for all the problems you are facing nowadays. Equipped with highly energy-efficient LED chips, this light shines much brighter and longer than average LEDs. You can save up to 20% more power than ordinary LED bulbs. It is easy to install, set-up, and it will keep your plants healthy right from the seeding stage to the harvesting stage. 

Equipped with bigger and brighter diodes than other LEDs. 
20% more power-efficient than ordinary LED bulbs. 
Generates Sunlike full-spectrum light. Easy installation process. 
Not large enough to cover two or more plants at a time. 

3. 150w LED Grow Light by Venoya for Hydroponics Greenhouse Germination Seedling Veg and Flower:

Venoya builds some of the finest LEDs for indoor farming. This 150 watt LED grow light offers professional spectrum and ratio. You get 3:1 Red and Blue wavelength is what indoor plants need for photosynthesis. The LED beads are secured perfectly in a robust aluminum casing. There will be no noise pollution and this light can work way better than 100-200W HPS or CFL grow lights. That’s why it is the best light for growing cannabis indoors.  

Suppose you are growing weeds inside, this LED grow light will take care of your plants from seed starting to weed harvesting. You can also use this feature-rich LED light to grow tomatoes, flowers, lemon, succulent, basil, herbs, orchid, lettuce, rose, and a variety of other plants inside your home. This 150 watt led light is perfect for aquaponics, hydroponics, greenhouse, indoor gardening, vertical farm, pipeline cultivation, tissue culture, etc. 

Pros Cons
Full-spectrum light with Red and Blue lights in a perfect ratio. 
It can be used for growing a variety of plants. Robust aluminum casing and unique design. 0-100% dimmable. 
Quite expensive, if you want to buy multiple 150 watt LED light fixtures for indoor farming. 

4. OB LED plant grow light:

This 150w LED grow light uses the latest technology to generate full spectrum for your indoor plants. This new technology offers it better stability, no requirement of welding with gold thread, to operate flawlessly. Such features make COB a current resistant and high temperature resistant 150 watt LED grow light. A seal ring ensures no dust or water drops will enter inside the aluminum casing to damage the light.  

It is one of the 150 watt led lights for growing cannabis because it’s a full spectrum LED light along with internal heat dissipation IC and integral radiating case. There won’t be excess heating issues and your plants will get the best environment to grow stronger.  

Great solution for heat dissipation
It is a IP67 Waterproof 150 watt LED Grow light. 
Over 50000 hours of service life promised by the manufacturer. 
Not large enough to offer ample full spectrum light for multiple plants. 

5. UFO Led Grow Light, Growstar 150W Full Spectrum Plant Light

UFO LEDs are always considered the best 150 watt LED lights for growing cannabis. It is a Growstar Company product that specializes in producing indoor grow light products. It is an eco-friendly 150 watt led light which consumes less power and produces full-spectrum Sunlike light. 

It is quite benefits for your indoor cannabis crop because your plants will get sufficient light to boost the photosynthesis process. They will grow stronger and faster. Therefore, you can harvest the yields quickly. It is equipped with 3000k high PAR COB LED chips which offer 380-760nm advanced full spectrum. That’s why it is one of the best 150 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Even though this light shines quite bright, it stays cool due to built-in aluminum heat-sink and powerful cooling fan system. It eliminates excess heat and maintains a cool environment around your plant to keep it fresh and strong. All such features make it the best light for growing cannabis

Pros Cons 
Energy-efficient and eco-friendly light
Equipped with the latest CREE LED chips and Full Spectrum
The flawless cooling fan system
Wider lighting areaEasy return policy if this LED light does not meet your performance demands
Quite expensive and heavy.