Five Top-rated 200 Watt LED Grow Light Fixtures

LED grow lights are perfect for fast and perfect growth of indoor plants. Indoor growers know this fact and that’s why thousands of people are planning to use 200 watt LED grow light. It won’t be easy to pick the best light. You might feel too confused during your search because there are so many options in 200w LED grow light fixtures!

The wisest solution you can apply is reading 200 watt led grow light bulb review. We have evaluated the features, performance, and drawbacks of many top-rated LED grow lights. The reviewed LEDs are not only best for growing cannabis, but also for other fruit, flower, and vegetable plants. Our selected LEDs are being used by thousands of indoor growers across the globe. These LEDs will help you in producing high-quality yields without spending a lot of money. So, check the reviews now to find the best 200 watt LED light for your indoor plants.  

Best 200 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

These are the best 200 watt led lights for growing cannabis:

1. ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel – 400W Equivalent Growing Lamp: Best 200 Watt LED Grow Light:

ECRU has been a reliable supplier of LED grow light for a long time. It uses the most cutting-edge technology to produce power efficient lighting for indoor plants. The ECRU LED Grow Light offers LED beads that emit full spectrum light for flawless growth of the plants. These LEDs are 20% more power-efficient than traditional grow lights. You get chips with 120° of color blending light at an affordable cost. ECRU’s full light spectrum offers both warm and cool white lights coupled with diversified red and blue lights. Plants get sufficient lighting for photosynthesis which boosts their growth process. That’s how this 200 watt led light helps you in producing top-quality yields without spending a lot of money.  

Many other impressive features make this 200 watt LED grow light a flawless lighting solution for indoor growers. Your power bills will go own, plants will grow healthier, and you can harvest the highest quality weeds with this LED fixture. That’s why it is best for indoor cannabis farming. 

Easy and versatile installation. 
Perfect for different growth stages. 
Emits sunlike full spectrum without increasing your power bills. 180° rotation arms. 
Expensive cost. 

2. FECiDA 200 Watt LED Grow Light Professional Sunlike Full Spectrum, 1000W CFL HPS CMH Grow Lights Equivalent, Waterproof LED Plant Grow Light for Grow Tent, Indoor Garden, Greenhouse, Hydroponics:

The FECiDA 200 watt LED grow light is super bright and capable of generating sunlike full spectrum and high par value 660NM. You would pick this light if you want to provide your plants with ample sunlike light throughout their growing stages. High yields are guaranteed when this LED light Fixture is in operation. It performs way better than 1000W HPS, CFL, and CMH grow lights, which also consume a lot of power. It is a moderately priced 200 watt led light and that’s why suitable for all types of indoor farms. 

FECiDA has designed it to offer over five years of unproblematic service. It is waterproof and it has great heat dissipation capacity. Your plants will be fresh throughout the day and night, even if you keep this light on for 12 hours. It will not emit heat or any gas at all. Therefore, it is the 2nd best light for growing cannabis

Sunlike full spectrum equivalent to LM301B. 
50,000+ hours lifespan. 
This LED is lightweight and daisy chain function. 
A 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this LED’s performance. 
This LED is quite expensive.

3. COB 200 Watt LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, for Indoor Hydroponic Greenhouse Plant:

Pros consider it one of the best 200 watt led lights for growing cannabis. This full spectrum COB plant growth light is equipped with several red and blue lights. Besides, it also has some infrared and ultraviolet lights, which offer your indoor plants with the wavelengths they require for quick and healthy growth. This plant light takes care of your plants from seeding to harvesting periods without increasing your power bills. This LED can reduce your cannabis harvesting cost up to 30% by reducing your power bills and other costs. You won’t need additional lighting when this 200 watt led grow light is in action. 

This LED emits a sunlike full spectrum. 
Equipped with many red, blue, UV, and IR lights. 
COB packaging technology. 90° glass lens. 
Performs way better than a 300w HPS lamp. 
Poor after-sale service. 

4. CF Grow Waterproof 200 Watt LED Grow Light with Natural Heat Dissipation, Suitable for Plants All Growing Stage Indoor or Outdoor:

CF Grow is a company that spends a lot of time and money on research to develop high-power and energy-efficient LED lights. Its 200 watt LED grow light is simply an awesome solution for your indoor cannabis farming demands if you want to harvest high-quality weeds with minimum investment. It is a full spectrum LED that offers superb bright light for different growth stages of the plant. This IP67 Waterproof LED Grow light can easily survive in high humidity areas. This 200w LED grow light performs much better than traditional grow lights, especially when it comes to cutting power bill costs.  

Many professional indoor cannabis growers have rated it as one of the best 200 watt led lights for growing cannabis. Therefore, we have included it in this 200 watt led grow light bulb review. 

This LED is an IP67 waterproof light, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. 
It generates better power and intensity than traditional grow lights and CFLs.
 A long service span of 50,000+ hours. Easy to install and hang above the indoor plants. 
The manufacturer is not supplying any hanging accessory with this 200w led grow light fixture in the package. 

5. 200W COB LED Grow Light with Adjustable Rope Powerful Cooling Fan System for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Vegetable Flower:

This 200w led grow light is a powerful COB light source, which produces the best white grow light. It perfectly simulates natural sunlight for your indoor plants. You can adjust its intensity during different periods of the day to mimic natural daylight. It is also considered one of the safest among all other 200 watt led lights for growing cannabis. The buyers have stated that it accelerates plant growth and promotes the flowering of fruit plants. Your plants grow faster, produce a high-quality product which you can harvest way before your competitors. 

It is a full spectrum LED grow light, which means it provides a wide radiation range. This LED fixture has high-precision 60° reflectors along with the COB technology. The users call it the best light for growing cannabis because it promotes photosynthesis in plants and ensures their quick growth.  

Top-rated COB light source. Easy to install and safe to use in all environmental conditions. 
Equipped with cooling fans that operate without noise.
 It can be used in a variety of indoor farming methods. 
Heavier than other LED grow lights in this list. 

Final thoughts:

We have endorsed the best 200 watt led lights for growing cannabis. Choose any one of these five LEDs and your cannabis plants will produce better quality weeds than weeds produced with traditional grow lights.