Are you in search of best led grow light that helps you in getting high yield cannabis? If yes, then check out the best 250 watt led grow light bulb review to buy the right one. 

5 Best 250 Watt Led Light Bulbs To Grow Cannabis Like A Pro 

Traditional lighting systems have already been eradicated and LED is taking over them already (poor people aside please) and it is said that the LED is the thing from the future with revolutionary advantages in comparison to the traditional lighting equipment. 

With the futuristic technologies like quick harvest cycle and increased lifespan, they can be put into continuous usage plus provide a work-life much longer than that of a traditional lighting system. They save you bills on power consumption since they are energy efficient too. 

Moreover, when they are used for plant growth purposes, they are way too productive for their growth since they do not emit UV or IR rays. As a result, they become the prime source of survival for plants after water and energy. 

If we get more technical then it is worth mentioning that they emit a targeted wavelength that means they just provide the required amount of light for photosynthesis, not more but not even less. These 250 watt led grow light emit the required band of light that plants need to grow. 

Let us take a look at the 5 top most 250 watt led grow light product ranges that you may want to buy.

Best 250 watt led grow light for growing cannabis

250W LED Corn Cob Bulb E39 Mogul Base LED Lamp (1000 Watt Metal Halide Replacement), 34,425 Lumens 6000K High Bay Light, UL DLC Listed Super Bright Warehouse Lighting for Factory Garage Building Area

This 250 watt led grow light has several exotic features such as the verification of safety and the eligibility of rebate. It can save your bucks on power consumption because it saves more than 80% more than the other lamps of a similar watt. They provide high performance and are designed in such a way that they provide much better cooling. This amazing 250 watt led grow light for growing cannabis is just best for the purpose. 

Pros Cons 
It is very energy efficient It has a greater lifespan
It operates at a cool temperature and does not heat much
It is friendly to the environment and does not produce much pollution 
It is extremely high priced 
It produces light in a fixed direction only 
The light produced by it can be extremely harmful to humans 
It has several aging effects that degrade its quality

FECiDA 50W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 250W CFL HPS Grow Lights Equivalent, Waterproof LED Panel Plant Grow Light, Professional Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for All Growth Stages

This amazing 250 watt led light bulb is so bright that it produces light similar to that of a real sun spectrum. It is not only energy saving but is much more beneficial than the regular old light bulbs. It further has an amazing work-life under which it has a greater life span. It is an efficient product for all the growing stages of cannabis and is highly beneficial for the growth of these plants. They have several features that make them the best deal for you. 

Pros Cons 
It provides a light equivalent to the brightness of the sun It saves a lot of energy It is effective for all the growth stages The light emitted by it is harmful to the human eyes It is expensive and does not deserve such a high price It emits light just in one direction 

[Upgrade] 27W (250 Watt Equivalent) A21 Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs, 4000 Lumens, 5000K Daylight, E26 Medium Screw Base Floodlight Bulb, Home Lighting, Non-dimmable, SANSI (2 PACK)

This duo pack of the lights is an amazing value for money products because you will not get just one but two of these amazing grow LED light bulbs. They have a large number of features such as them being omnidirectional and being highly ideal for the purpose of home lighting. They don’t get dim and make good use of the voltage across the house. 

Pros Cons 
They have omni directional lighting which means they can transfer the light to multiple directions 
They come in a combo pack which is comparatively a nice deal in context with the cost of the product 
They have ceramic color light which is beneficial for plants 
They are not 360 degree lighting solution which means some part will be left no matter what
The build quality of the product is not that much better due to which they are likely to require maintenance with time
The light they emit is not suitable for a human eye

Budget LED 250 Watt Red Spec LED Dimmable Grow Light | Full Spectrum, High Efficiency, Veg, Flower, Bloom, Samsung LM301B, Osram SSL 660nm / 730nm Deep Red, Far Red (3000k)

This is a budget-friendly option for the people who are looking for a cost-efficient light. They emit light in a full spectrum and are highly efficient as well. They are completely made with vegetarian items and provide a dark red color light for the growth of the cannabis plant. They are just the best match for any age of cannabis and are essential for their proper growth. 

Pros Cons 
They provide and emit a full spectrum of light which is likely to be extremely bright
They emit the red color which has the second-largest wavelength so that they can travel farther 
Direct eye contact with such a light can be highly dangerous and can make you lose your sight 
They only have the property to travel in a straight line 

MARS HYDRO SP 250 Led Grow Lights for growing cannabis, Veg and Flower Hydroponic Greenhouse Water Proof Dimmable Commercial LED Growing Lamps 2x4ft Two for 4x4ft Coverage

This is so far the most amazing light that has a rigid structure and has several properties that make it the best among the slew. The most revolutionary thing is that they are waterproof which means that they can easily work in outdoor conditions where they are likely to deal with the moisture and water. They provide a fixed coverage of four by four as well. 

Pros Cons 
It provides a large fixed area of coverage 
It is waterproof and can work in conditions of moisture 
It is favorable to create a condition of photosynthesis 
The area of coverage is fixed due to which it cannot go beyond that area 
It still has to deal with several damaging conditions liken snow, mist, thunderstorms, etc
It is extremely harmful to humans 


So in this post, we have seen the top 5 250 watt LED light bulb review that helps you grow exotic cannabis. Through the medium of this post, we were able to provide you an amazing and list of the best out of the rest bulbs that you must use. We dealt with everything about them such as their features, their shortcomings and the amazing features that they provide. We hope that you found this post extremely helpful and it is worth saying that you will get a lot of value for the money that you are about to spend on any of the products that are mentioned above. That’s all we have for today.