3000 Watt LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum

Shimmering light, cost effectiveness and durability, these are the things that you associate with the led grow light. Led bulbs or led tube lights are giving tough competition to its other counterparts because of their domestic effectiveness. Moreover, the Led lights are now transitioning into the commercial purpose too. The Led grow light comes in different ratings that range from 900w to 3000w. However, in this article you will get to know specifically about the 3000w led grow light

3000w led grow light to buy now

Led grow lights are light emitting diodes that are used for emitting lights for different purpose with the help of the semiconductor. The light emitting diodes have captured the American market because of its small size and greater efficiency in minimum cost. The outer structure of the led light is robust and is made in such a way that no external forces can have an effect on it. 

So get ready to make yourself aware about the famous five 3000w led grow light that are ruling the American market.

Best 3000w led grow lights

When it comes to design, the 3000w led grow lights are optimized in such a way that it does not show any sign of faulty design. The filament of the light is made up of high-quality material like tungsten or Nichrome. The structure of the Led is intentionally made light so that it can be adjusted at any place. Now many would think that if it is made light then there is a trade off with the robustness. However, it is not so, the material used provides a light and robust design to the 3000w led grow light. 

The efficiency of the led light is measured in terms of the power output it generates. The best led light generates power output of about 100 lumens. The benefits of the led light are that unlike other light that generate variable light source, the 3000w led grow light covers steady light source. In addition to this, the lights do not flicker and do not get diminish even after long use.

                                      pros                                        cons
Easier to installDon’t have their own resistors
Good durabilityHeat dissipation is less
High level of brightness

3000w king plus by king led

This one is another popular led that is used for commercial as well as for domestic purposes. The king plus 3000w led light is designed in such a way that it automatically generates good photosynthetically activated radiation. The lifespan of this led grow light is around 10, 000 hours. When it comes to operation of the bulb, it is done easily with the help of on and off switch.

It is made up of waterproof material and is resistant to the ultraviolet and infrared rays. The king plus led grow light comes with the power cord because of which it becomes easier for installation.

                                  Pros                                 Cons
Full spectrum lightReplacement of light is time consuming
Coverage area is large

Bestva brand dc series 3000w led grow light

These are energy efficient led grow light and have dual chip diodes. The presence of the dual chip diodes helps in less energy dissipation. Because of the less heat dissipation more amount of light is produced. The led grow light of this series is more energy efficient than the led diodes. The uniqueness of this light is that, the brightness of the light is so vibrant that it looks similar to the natural light. This type of led have in built cooling system that avoids overheating of the bulbs.

The led grow light is highly energy efficient and uses only 600w of power to produce an output of 3000w. The led system of this series is designed in such a way that it reduces the power by two thirds.

                                    Pros                                    Сons
Less energy dissipationThe resistors are not organized
No overheating

Philzon brand 3000watt led  grow light

It is also another energy efficient led bulb that uses less amount of power as input and gives a high amount of output. There is one advantage that you can choose different light profiles just by clicking a button on the diode. This enables you to choose different types of mode in accordance with the operation you want to perform.  

If you want to use the light for stem growth, you can use the button and put it on the blue light. If you want to use for disco lighting, you can use the multi-color mode. In this, there are no issues of overheating. The operational life of the diode is long and has good durability. Another benefit of this 3000w led grow series is that it gives you additional lights for changing after certain interval of time.

Generally, it happens that after a long period of use of the bulb, there is a tendency in which the filament gets dark. However, if you use the different led bulb, then this loophole gets eliminated. This is how the tendency of bulb to get deteriorated gets reduced.

                              Pros                         Cons
Long durabilityFilament gets dark sometimes

Dimgago led 3000w led grow light

It is rectangular grow light-filled with the light array that gives brightness equal to natural light. The power used by the led light is minimum and the output is provided with a steady rate. All the led bulbs in the filament are placed in series. The parts of the led light are easily available. Sometimes it happens that because of the series structure there are chances of overheating. However, this gets reduced with the help of proper inspection. The brightness of the light is of good lumens. This helps in generating higher efficiency when it comes to output. The design of the diode is made very light weighted and any design inadequacies are removed. 

In this 3000w led grow light the filament has got the cooling system. The benefit of this is to maintain the temperature inside the led bulb. The efficiency is balanced when there is a balance in the temperature. Even a slight increase can cause the turbulence inside the filament, so careful measures are always kept in mind in design of the bulb.

The steady rate of outputThe series structure of bulbs generate less brightness
Less overheatingCascading failure

The above list was all about the led 3000w led grow light and by understanding each one of the above carefully would help you in making better choices.


After analyzing each of the popular 3000w led grow light, it can be inferred that anyone among the above discussed will help in fulfilling your requirements. While selecting the led grow light, you will have to keep in mind various factors. The factors include power output, cost structure, brightness level. All these mentioned attributes have to incorporated to make smarter choice, when it comes to led grow bulb. The led bulb can be used for different types of purpose; it can be for domestic and commercial purpose. The durability and easy installation of the 3000w led grow light bulb makes it suitable for different activities. 

There is a misconception among the crowd that it is used only for the lighting purpose. However it is not so, the light emitting diode is also used for the growing of plants and celebration purposes. The use of led can also be done for growing of marijuana, flowers and other such entities. So don’t wait go fast! And get a bunch of 3000w led grow light for yourself.