There are various first-time LED buyers who go through the tough choice of selecting the best 400 Watt LED grow light for their plant’s particular needs. We have researched and selected some of the best LED grow lights. 

Growing cannabis right from the seed and nurturing it to the flowering stage can be easily done with the full cycle feature of the LED lights. Here below you will come across the vital details for making the correct choice and choose the right 400 W LED grow light product as well as model.

Following are the four major 400 watt led lights for growing cannabis:

MARS HYDRO 900W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Growing Lamps for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Grow Light fixtures for Hydroponics Greenhouse

Unlike other 400 Watt lights, this has the high par value which ensures that the indoor plants provide the maximum yield. The full spectrum feature contains the IRS that maximizes the resin as well as yield. 

Also, this is the best 400 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis that is quite energy efficient. It is the perfect one and ensures 40% energy savings and helps in fixing the HPS heat issue. 


● It has the best cooling system and is equipped with four powerful fans. 

● Another major feature is the high applicability. It provides maximum coverage of 5.5×5.5ft. The presence of the intensive LED array helps in providing the best and strong penetration and makes sure that the plant grows properly. 

● The MARS LED grow light is highly energy efficient. It can reach about 30-50 true watts per square feet. So, it ensures 40% energy saving and fixes the HPS heating issue. 

● It has the best maintenance services. The three-year authentic warranty is something that can be beneficial for you in the long run. 


● Unlike other 400 Watt LED light, it has a high purchasing cost. Also, it is more expensive compared to fluorescent or HID lights. 

● It can lead to light pollution as this LED produces a bright blue light which can lead to blindness among humans. 

LED Grow Light – 400W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture Full Spectrum 3000K COBs and 3W Osram Chips for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Lighting

This is one of the best 400 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis. Compared to other common LEDs, this comes in red and blue LEDs. It uses the 2x3000K high power COBs that are specially designed for plants. Also, it provides the full spectrum lights from 380nm to 730nm, making it ideal for all kinds of indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers in all growth stages. 

This best light for growing cannabis replaces the traditional 300-watt HPS or MH grow lamp when consuming only 120 Watts. Also, it provides the best and effective coverage compared to reflector series light, making it ideal for the 2ftx2ft coverage right at the 18 inches. Plus this 400 Watt LED light is very easy to install and use, also you can plug into the electric outlet simply and directly. 


● From the 400 Watt LED grow light bulb review, we can say that the LED of this tool doesn’t burn out. 

● It has a specially designed full light spectrum LED light and assists your plants to grow stronger and faster. So, you end up getting more yields compared to before. 

● It is easy to connect the 5pcs HG400 LED grow lights together and with fewer outlets. 

● High-quality products made from the best materials. 


● The lamp of this 400 Watt LED grow light is very expensive

● It can lead to light pollution as the blue light present in it lead to blindness. 

Actual Power 400W COB LED Grow Light,12-Band Full Spectrum Including UV&IR Dimmable Led Grow Lights with Veg Plus Bloom Dimmers for Indoor Plants Veg, Fruits, Flower and Herbs, etc.

This is the best 400W LED grow light that can help in producing the high yield which can be 20-30% more than other LED lights. Also, this best 400w LED lights for growing cannabis has high lumen LEDs, along with the professional LED mixture array creates a good pink color. It provides intensity for all kinds of coverage and is the best full spectrum for an indoor plant, veg, and flowers.

The Actual Power 400W COB LED is very easy to operate as well as install. This has the best intensity control suitable for all kinds of veg and bloom, making tin very light and easy to use. 


● It is a high quality LED grow light COB, which ensure the best usage.

● This is a professional LED grow light that is dimmable to provide a best-growing effect.

● Easy and easy to operate as well as install.


● It is not waterproof

● Compared to the HID or fluorescent lights, LEDs are quite expensive. 

ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel – 400W Equivalent Growing Lamp (2 Pack x 200W) with Natural Solar Full Spectrum White LED Light Bulb for Indoor Plant Seedling, Vegetation, and Flowering

If you are looking to begin your indoor garden for growing cannabis, then you need the best 400 watt LED lights for growing cannabis. One of the major features is the full spectrum grow light panel. In this best light for growing cannabis product, state-of-the-art energy-efficient lighting chips are used for providing the plants with more light as well as energy.  

Furthermore, our 400 watts LED light panel is easy to install and that too in various ways based on the type of indoor garden you have. It can be installed in the rotational arm manner which supports somewhere up to 180-degree rotation. 


● It is easy to install

● Compared to other light bulbs, this has a versatile installation like binding, hanging, and mounting.

● Idea for all stages of cannabis and other plant growth. 


● Some users have complained of hearing noise from the fan of the lamp. 

● Need to place the LED light at a safe distance from the plant, or else it will burn the vegetation or plant.


I hope you read the 400 Watt LED grow light bulb review. Now you can easily make the decision to purchase the best one. If you have any doubts or suggestions, just put them below in the comment section.