Farmers are trying indoor farming due to many reasons. It is getting more and more cost-efficient, it is a more productive way of growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants, and you can make a huge profit by following this technique. All your plants will grow in a dark and secured space. Of course, those plants will need sunlight or artificial light to stay healthy and grow faster. That’s where you can use 45 watt LED grow light bulbs to control the environment and provide ample light for photosynthesis. 

Indoor farming is not a new thing. People have been growing cannabis and crops in fully covered areas for a long time. Traditional light bulbs do not offer full spectrum light and these lights also waste a lot of energy. That’s why farmers are now using power-efficient 45w LED grow light. It improves plant health without increasing power costs. Therefore, you must try it. 

Top five 45 watt LED grow light bulbs:

Numerous brands are supplying LED grow lights for indoor farming. Finding the best 45 watt LED lights for growing cannabis can be a little daunting task, but we have made it simpler for you. Check the reviews and you will find top rated 45 watt LED grow light for your crop. 

Syntus 45 Watt LED Grow Light:

If you truly want to invest your money in the best 45 watt led lights for growing cannabis, pick Syntus 45w LED grow light. It provides you with super bright 88 LEDs. Each light comes with three timing settings (3H, 6H, and 12H). You can operate this LED on five different dimmable modes from light to deep. As we all know, different plants seek different brightness to stay healthy and grow faster. Therefore, the Syntus 45 watt led light allows you to switch to different brightness settings with 3-switch modes. 

Its 360° adjustable stainless steel gooseneck allows you to adjust the bulb in any direction you want. It stays firm and on a thick inner metal bar. Indoor farming hobbyists can buy and test this LED grow light before placing a bulk order. It won’t disappoint you because it performs exceptionally well. 

It is equipped with 88 pcs led chips to simulate sunlight for your indoor crop. 
Offers three timing settings for automatic operation. 
3 switch modes and 5 dimmable modes. 
360⁰ adjustable stainless steel Gooseneck.12 month warranty.
It is quite costly, in comparison to other grow lights used by the farmers. 

45W Daylight LED Grow Light Bulb by iledlight: A powerful 45 Watt LED Grow Light:

We have chosen all the top-rated LEDs in this 45 watt led grow light bulb review, but 45W Daylight LED Grow Light Bulb is something special. It perfectly simulates natural sunlight because it provide full sun-like spectrum. This LED distributes the wavelength of 380 to 800nm, which is quite amazing for an artificial light. Iledlight has equipped this 45 watt led grow light with multiple LED chips to emit light at different wavelengths. That’s how it effectively simulates sunlight. 

Cannabis growers should consider it as a one-time investment for gaining high yields for many years. Impressively long service life and many additional features make it the best LED grow light for indoor farming. The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction or you can apply for the replacement. Iledlight’s admirable customer service and great build quality makes this LED bulb one of the best 45 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Produces brighter light than a 400W traditional light bulb and still consumes much less power than a traditional bulb. 
A variety of chips are used to produce different wavelengths to simulate natural sunlight. 
Ultra High PAR output with OSRAM LED chips. 
Exceptional heat dissipation capacity. Money-back guarantee from the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the performance. 
It is also not a budget-friendly LED grow light. No mounting accessories. 

45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants by i-Venoya:

It is another moderately priced 45w LED grow light with some amazing features. This full spectrum LED grow light provides you with 225 LEDs which have wavelengths from 390nm to 730nm. This stylish LED light offers the targeted peak wavelengths, which crops usually get from natural sunlight. Plants get everything they seek from the sunlight to grow fast. Your plants will produce high yields, especially if you have planted cannabis. Its heat dissipation capacity is exceptional and that’s why it is one of highly recommended 45 watt led lights for growing cannabis

LED Grow Lights produced by i-Venoya are super bright. Its 45 watt led light not only offers bright light for indoor farming, but also helps you in saving extra bucks on your power bills. It consumes up to 15W on an average and 45W is maximum power consumption. They have tested this light on several occasions and found it way better than a 50W HPS or HID grow light. 

Featuring 225 high quality super bright LEDs to replace the sunlight for your indoor crops. 
A perfect choice for grow box, grow tent, grow room, grow chamber, aquaponics, hydroponics, greenhouse, and vertical farms. 
It is a power-efficient choice as a 45 watt led grow light. Easy to set up and use. 
Build quality is not that impressive that’s why it is not the best light for growing cannabis.

AeroGarden 45 Watt LED Grow Light Panel:

The AeroGarden 45w led grow light Panel allows you to light the plants from any suitable angle. You can hang this versatile grow light below the ceiling or keep it tilted on the stand which rotates 360 degrees. Although it is not the most cost-effective 45 watt LED grow light in the market, its capability of nurturing indoor plants like natural sunlight make this grow light a perfect choice for small indoor plants and gardens. 

This 45 watt led light can hang tilted on its stand or you can hang it above the plants. 
Hanging kit is included in the package with the stand. 
You can adjust the height of the stand. 
Designed to operate flawlessly for more than 30,000 hours. 
Not the best choice, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, LED grow light. 

Root Farm All-Purpose LED Grow Light, 45W – Broad-Spectrum Grow Lamp, For Indoor Hydroponic Plants:

Root Farm is supplying a wide variety of products to ensure your indoor crops will grow fast and stay healthy until you harvest it. It is not the cheapest in this list of 45 watt led grow light bulb review, but it is certainly one of the best for indoor farming. Many pros are using Root Farm 45 watt led lights for growing cannabis and their plants look pretty large and healthy. You can also be one of those happy cannabis farmers, if you pick this LED light for your indoor farm. 

Powerful enough to support a rapid and complete growth of a wide variety of plants. 
Quite a unique and versatile design. 
Shines brighter but consumes less power than traditional bulbs. 
It is expensive. Not an ideal choice for growing large plants. 

Final thoughts:

Your search for the best light for growing cannabis is probably over now because one of these five 45W LED grow lights will meet all your demands. So, select one now and buy it online.