LED grow light is a must buy product for your indoor weeds. So, check out the 500 watt led grow light in this product review guide. In the guide you will get all the products reviews including pros and cons. 

Best 500 watt led grow light to check out in 2019

Cannabis in your garden is a big deal but not indoors because of its legalization. However, what concern the gardeners most is the suitable environment for their weeds. That is why they say Growing cannabis indoors is not easy. But with 500 watt led grow light you give them a best growing environment. The weed cannot grow indoors without suitable lighting. Knowing this, what most of the grower do is that they provide ordinary lightings to weed. 

Ordinary bulbs are not suitable for their growth. Therefore using them is not an affordable option, because you will not be able to get high yield. On the other hand, led grow light is considered as best light for growing cannabis. Why? I know you probably want to know why it is best light. 

The LED light offers a quick harvest cycle, better lifespan, energy-efficient, target wavelength, and healthier cannabis. Moreover, I found them environment-friendly because it’s recyclable. 

Therefore, it is a best light for growing cannabis. 

But there are ample of products in the market. Don’t worry, you can check out below to know which 500w led grow light will work best for you. 

Best 500 watt led grow light for growing cannabis to buy 


A product by PARFACTWORKS is the right product for your indoor cannabis. The product comes in two channels that are SMD booster and full spectrum cob. You can use any of the 6 bands’ channels of the product. It offers blue, red, white, UV, and IR light to your weeds. The light offers outstanding PAR because of its unique optic lens. Moreover, the light is very eye-pleasing and energy saving as well. It comes with a warranty period of three years plus with a 30 days money return guarantee. 

The 500w led grow light has a lamp of 300W HPS/MH that consumes only 190 W. it covers the area of 3×4 for vegetation and 2×3 for flowering. Check out a quick review of the product here. 

Pros Cons 
Energy efficient 
Wide coverage
Comes with warranty Low maintenance
Comes with a full hanging kit 
A bit expensive Dim UV and LED lights
Only for indoors

LED grow light from XXDMZ

This 500 watt led light lamp can stimulate natural light due to its full spectrum upgrade. It helps in the synthesis of cannabis plants and is more useful than traditional grow lights. This comes with unique type of professional lenses and led beads instead of using mirrors. This use of lens and beads ensure a stronger penetration of light. Therefore, it covers the maximum plant areas. It is the best light for growing cannabis because it comes with a cooling system as well. As a result, the lamp lives longer without getting overheated. 

Pros Cons 
Comfort light
Excellent cooling system Stronger penetration power
Multifunction light Powerful and lightweight 
Only work in an environment with temperature 20-40 degrees
No warranty information 

LEPOWER 50W LED outdoor light

Another good product in the list of 500 watt led grow light bulb review is from LEPOWER. You can buy this one for your outdoor cannabis. This one is designed for an FCC qualified material and has tempered glass. Moreover, you can use it for indoor lighting projects as well. You need not to attach an extra cable as this comes with a wire length of 59 inches. In addition to this, you can save your electricity bill by 80 percent due to its lumpy radial pattern. It has LED chips that offer super brightness to the plants. The wide beam angle of lens can cover huge area without reflecting any shadow. This is an anti-glare led light. 

Pros Cons 
Safety is guaranteed 
Comes with warranty of 18 months
Waterproof Energy saving 
Can be used instead of halogen bulb of 250 W
No waterproof plug and switch 
Not good for eyes so don’t see the  bulb directly 
It has no motion sensor function 


A very good product for special plants indoors, veg flower seedlings, and your cannabis at any stage of growth. This 500 watt led light has been designed with the latest COB technology. However, it has only color light that is pink in full spectrum for indoor growth of plants. The coverage area is quite good as light beams can cover 2.75×1.7m area. However, the coverage depends on the height of the installation. It also has an advanced cooling system therefore you will not face and heat dissipation problems. The best part about this lighting is that you can use it for multiple applications. For instance, use it for indoor garden, pipe cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, breeding, seeding, and more. I found it the best in the category of 500 watt led lights for growing cannabis.

Pros Cons 
Can  be used for wide applications
Built with the latest chip on board technology 
Saves 80 percent of energy
The long service life of 50,000 hours
Not suitable for hanging high as it weakens the light energy
A little disturbance to the lamp can stop its working
Proper air convection is  needed 

500 W LED grow light panel lamp

Another led grow light of new generation is from Donteng. I must say it’s impressive because of its low heat release feature. It has a unique heat sink that gives a wide dissipation area to heat and let the light cool. Use it a day long and it will still be cooler. You will get it in blue, red, and white light spectrum. Donteng has designed a product as per the research on the plant’s photosynthesis. It ensures high THC in your cannabis harvest. 

Ensures faster growth 
Maintain cooler temperature even after long usage 
High power lumens Safe to use
Cost-effective High efficiency 
No power cable comes with kit

500 Watt LED light by DDLIGHT 

If you need a product for sowing, breeding, water soluble breeding, pot culture, and more than this one is good. It offers full sunlight spectrum, and comes with 1683 pcs LEDs. Work for longer without worrying about heat dissipation due to its excellent design. It has three cooling fans, vents and spiral radiator. This 500 watt led grow light works perfectly for 18 hours of running without consuming much power. 

Pros Cons 
Excellent dissipation design
Energy saving
Light weight
Only for indoors 

Which is the best 500 watt led lights for growing cannabis?

I know even after reading the 500 watt led grow light bulb review, you are still wandering which one to buy. Well, it’s depending on your budget, growing area, and weather conditions. I suggest you buying one that is best for wide applications, saves energy, easy on your eyes, and under budget. So, choose carefully and get your answer. Read all the pros and cons and compare different products to reach to any conclusion. This will further help you narrow down your choice on 500 watt led grow light. Hope’s this was a useful piece of information for readers. Thus, make your cannabis garden healthierthan before by selecting the best light for growing as per the budget.

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