You are going to spend a considerable amount of money on grow lights if you grow indoors. Traditional lights are not perfect for growing indoor crops. Your power bills will go up and indoor farming will not provide you with good profit. Things can change if you decide to use a 90 watt LED grow light

The light-emitting diode (LED) lights have become quite popular during the last decade. Whether it is a home, office, a mall, or a small store, people are replacing traditional lights with LEDs. A 90w LED grow light consumes much less power than a 90w HID light. It can make a huge difference in your savings and the quality of your crops. 

Some LEDs can even simulate natural sunlight, which you cannot do while using traditional bulbs. That’s why indoor growers are quite interested in LED grow lights, especially if they grow cannabis. 

Best 90 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews:

These are top-rated 90 watt led lights for growing cannabis. Read the reviews to pick a perfect light for your indoor plants. 

Plant Lights 50W 90 Watt LED Grow Light:

Indoor plants can grow without sunlight only if you find a light source to emit full spectrum wavelengths. This 90 watt LED light produces exact spectrum plants require to emit photosynthesis. It is up to you that how close you want to hang this light to your indoor plants. It will not cause any damage because it has great heat dissipation ability. It will stay cool all the day if you use it consistently. Your indoor plants will grow rapidly and look much healthier, especially cannabis plants. That’s why it is among the best 90 watt led lights for growing cannabis

Pros Cons
Designed to release full spectrum light.
Stays cool due to its ability of dissipating less to almost zero heat. 
Best for growing cannabis plants.
You can control this light via a remote control. 
No information about the producer. 

Plant Light Full Spectrum Plant Growth lamp by CAMFF:

Indoor growers are constantly searching for cost-effective and feature-rich LEDs from new brands. This 90 watt LED grow light has also won many hearts by offering impressive support for indoor plant growth. It is perfect for plants covering 6.25sq-ft area in your house. Your plants will grow faster at any stage of their growth cycle and look much healthier than plants grown under traditional life. Indoor farmers have bought these 90 watt LED lights for growing cannabis and their experience with this particular product was awesome. 

This LED consists of 74 Red, 34 Blue, 17 White, and 4 IR lights which illuminate together to encourage quick growth in plants. This LED won’t emit any heat. It is designed to stay cool and ensure your plants are growing with the same pace you want. 

Quiet operation
Full spectrum
Suitable for cannabis plants
The manufacturer has not revealed any information about warranty 
No information on service hours

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light by Soroucuin Store:

This 90 watt LED grow light is a superb choice for in-house garden, sowing, pot culture, indoor farm, flower exhibition, water soluble breeding, greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics, aquaponics, and so on. Essentially, it can be used to grow all kinds of indoor plants. You will get 30% more yield from your cannabis plants if put this light above those plants.  

It is a reliable 90w led grow light for cannabis growers. Its dual head can rotate 360° on a flexible gooseneck. You can place it at any height and angle you want and provide your plants with ample light for a quick growth. There won’t be any safety issues and you will see your plants growing faster than crops grow under traditional lights. 

This 90w LED offers separate rows of White, Red, and Blue LEDs. Thus, it provides an ultra-efficient spectrum output for indoor farming. You won’t need to put your cannabis plants outside during a stage when natural sunlight becomes essential for plants because this LED will simulate natural sunlight for your plants.  

Pros Cons
Light intensity is adjustable360° adjustable gooseneck
A versatile LED grow light, which can be used in a variety of indoor farming projects. 
100% quality assurance from the manufacturer. 
This 90 watt led grow light is quite expensive, even though it is from a new brand. 

JULYFZM Plant Fill Light Led Vegetable Fruit Production Lamp Growth 90W*1W Red And Blue Ratio LED Grow Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants:

If you are looking for the best 90 watt led lights for growing cannabis, the JULYFZM Plant Fill Light can be the right choice for your demands. It is a durable 90 watt LED grow light with rugged iron casing. It works great in every growth period and helps you in producing high-quality yields. It has upgraded aluminum heat sinks and silent fans which dissipate heat before it can affect your plants. 

You can easily spot this 90w LED grow light in plant factories, greenhouses, flower farming, greenhouse farming, water-soluble culture, indoor gardens, spray plants, and pipeline cultivation. The indoor growers trust it because this LED grow light also offers great support for growing banana plants, orchids, Dendrobium, seaweed, tobacco, and cannabis plants. 

The manufacturer promises that it can offer up to 50,000 hours of unproblematic service. When cannabis growers use ordinary 90 watt led lights for growing cannabis, they usually use these lights for 6 months to 1 year. The JULYFZM LEDs offer at least 5 years’ service. Therefore, you won’t have to buy a new LED for your indoor plants within every 6 months. 

It comprises 50 LED 1w high-power lamp beads and you there are 44 red, 6 blue lamp beads. 
Full spectrum light50000 hours of unproblematic serviceIt relies on aluminum substrate and built-in fans to remove heat and operate quietly. 
It is expensive and not suitable for large indoor farms. 

Indoor 90W LED Grow Lights by Love Lamp:

Some great options are available in the LED grow lights if you have not problem in spending some extra money to buy the best light for growing cannabis. This 90 watt LED Light from Love Lamp has three brighter tubes. These super bright tubes emit focused full spectrum light on your plants. Each plant absorbs ample light to get healthier and stronger. 

The manufacturer has used aviation cooling aluminum to ensure greater heat dissipation and cool operation. Your plants will be fresh until you harvest the yields. It is considered the best light for growing cannabis because it produces full spectrum light up to 800nm. It is equipped with imported LED chips to replicate natural sunlight. Your plants will stay healthy and flourish faster if you are using this LED light. 

Effectively simulates natural sunlight to promote photosynthesis in plants. 
Focused full spectrum light is absorbed by plants so that each plant can grow faster. 
This 90 watt LED light stays cool, even though you keep it on throughout the day. 
It is waterproof and it can survive in harsh environmental conditions. 
Too expensive for a hobbyist indoor gardener. 

Final thoughts: All the listed LED grow lights are the best in this category. Check this 90 watt led grow light bulb review again to ensure you are choosing a light with all the required features.