Growing The Best Cannabis Plants Using 100 Watt LED Grow Light!

Some might feel that growing cannabis plants is easy, but only if you have the necessary tools. Most people make the biggest blunder while choosing the perfect 100 Watt LED light. They end up either selecting ones that are of poor quality or ones that are too expensive. 

Let’s check some of the best 100 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis.

1) Waterproof IP67 100W LED Grow Light,Ultra Thin COB IC Inside LED Grow Lamp, Full Spectrum 380-780nm LED Phyto Lamp, Suitable for Plants All Growing Stage Indoor Or Outdoor Greenhouse

This is the best 100 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis and has an excellent spectrum grow light. With the grow light, you can use the useful wave-length that is easily absorbed by the photosynthesis of plants. Regarding the full spectrum, it makes sure that the light is emitted in a uniform manner, making it beneficial for plant growth in all stages. 

Another extensive feature of this 100 Watt light is that it created using the flip-chip process. So, it can easily withstand huge temperatures, somewhere around 120 degrees, thereby being more steady compared to the ordinary LED chip. 

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● It has one of the best rapid cooling technology. The presence of the intelligent control of the heat dissipation IC helps in making sure the temperature is less than 150 Fahrenheit. 

● This is the best light for growing cannabis as it has the latest LED grow light which works at the power of 45-55 W. 

● Extremely waterproof and safe to use in indoor or outdoor working, even while raining. 


● This LED light does not have an on or off switch. You must unplug or plug it. 

● The light might get a bit hot and it lacks a cooling fan.

● It lacks the presence of a timer, so you might have to buy a separate timer. 

2) PCtech 100W LED Grow Light Bulb – Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plants, Garden, Flowers, Vegetables, Greenhouse & Hydroponic Growing | E27 Base 150 LEDs (AC85-265V)

As per the online 100 Watt LED grow light bulb review, this is the best-LED light for growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. You can especially use them for the ones who don’t get a good amount of sunlight. This 100 Watt LED light is suitable for those individuals who don’t want an expensive overhead grow light. 

Frankly, this is great for individuals who want to save money on their power bills. Plus, you don’t need to switch the lights during the different stages of cannabis growth. This bulb is automatic as well as the full spectrum. 


● It is the best 100 Watt LED grow light having full spectrum. This is the only LED light suitable for all kinds of plants and the greenhouse room. 

● Compared to the small growth and light fluorescents, it is much better. Also, it scores better compared to other T5, tubes, T8, and other bulbs. 

● It has the best plant light which provides the hydroponic growing system for 365 days in a year filled with bright sunlight. 


● Compared to other kinds of bulbs, this 100W LED grow light is a bit expensive.

● The performance is largely based on the ambient temperature of the OS or thermal management properties. 

3) Miracle LED Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Lite – Replaces up to 100W – Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Plant Growing Light Bulb for Greenhouse, Garden, and Indoor (605088)          

This is the best 100 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis and even certified by the Garden Centers and Greenhouses. Right from seed to harvest, this LED bulb is packed with full-spectrum, making it beneficial for the whole growth phase. 

Unlike other best lights for growing cannabis, this provides your plants with all the things that are necessary for nature and provides evenly light for good growth. Another great feature of this 100 Watt LED light is that it is a supremely efficient LED that generates low heat and is greatly optimized for plant growth. 


● This 100 Watt LED light is best for plants and vegetables.

● It helps in promoting fruiting and flowering.

● This LED light can instantly on without any delay.

● There are no signs of heat signature and is cost-effective and saving. 


● Like all LED bulbs, this becomes less effective with age.

● Since the LED needs to be supplied with good voltage, the high rise in current flow will damage it. 

● It does not provide the exact point source for the proper distribution of the necessary rays that are required for plant growth. 

4) Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 100W Dimmable, Moya Upgraded Plant Light Bulb Full Spectrum 264 LEDs Grow Lamp with USB Plug Auto ON/Off,1 Replacement R&B Grow Bulbs

Along with having the time off function, you might come across in this 100 Watt LED grow light bulb review that this bulb has a timed on function. By pressing the time on button, you can make sure the grow lights can light up to 3 or 6 or 12 hours. 

Most importantly, this is the best light for growing cannabis and has memory function extensively supported and will automatically do the on and off every day. The presence of the updated C-clamps will help this grow light to be placed anywhere conveniently and firmly. 


● This provides full-spectrum sunlight and the R&B spectrum. It easily covers the wavelength from 380 to 800nm and provides the same kind of sunlight like plants. 

● Another important feature is the presence of the two-way timer. This allows the lights to be on and off automatically based on the pre-defined settings of the timer.


● The blue light of this 100 Watt LED grow light can cause extensive pollution. 

● It can sometimes even cause blindness and loss of vision for the human eye. 

● This 100W LED grow light can even harm insects that are necessary for plant growth. 

5) CANAGROW 100W Waterproof LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, Sunlike 3500K COB Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Plant Growing Lamp with New Technology, Natural Heat Dissipation Without Noise

This 100 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis is perfect for all kinds of flowers and veg. It promotes the fruiting and flowering of plants and helps in increasing their yield directly. Another important feature of the 100 Watt LED light is that it is dustproof as well as waterproof. 


● It has an optimal full spectrum which promotes plant growth for veg and flowers of all stages. 

● Another best feature of this LED light is that it is shock resistant. It is made of solid-state component and is difficult to get spoiled due to external shock. 


● This LED light is a bit costly compared to the HID and fluorescent lights. 

● The light from LED is more direct on the plants, so you only get to cover a smaller area.


Hope you have a clear idea of the types of LED lights available in the market. The above given 5 ones are the best. If you feel that there are certain branded LED lights left out, then do provide in the below comment box.