Since the rapid advancement of LED technology in recent years, it might be surprising to see many cannabis growers opting to LED for indoor operations. Since LEDs have the advantage of consuming less energy and even being more robust as well as having a longer life span, they are the best choice for indoor cultivators having various skills.  

Following are some of the best 600 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis –  

Best 600W LED Grow Lights To Purchase In 2019 

1) MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 

This is a full spectrum 600 Watt LED light having a special ratio of white, blue, and red suitable for growing flowers and vegetables of all growth stages. The UV function of this best 600 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis helps in sterilization, thereby killing all kinds of bacteria that affect the growth and blooming of plants.  

Also, this LED light has the IR function that helps in the promotion of the cell division and flowering. Since the product uses the LED having the traditional 3W or 5W, it is more efficient and brighter. The presence of the quality aluminum heat sinks and the robust dual cooling fans provide the easy method of lowering the working temperature of the LED and even maintains the long lifespan of the LED grow light.  

Another major reason why this is the best light for growing cannabis is that it is close to the sunlight. More than 95% of the light (sunlight) will be absorbed by the plant. This will easily help in the growth of the plant right from seedling to fruit and is extensively suitable for cabbage, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, etc.  


• Sturdy design. 

• Best PAR rating that can bring in faster growth and huge buds. 

• Intense light output 

• High-quality construction and diodes. 


• Certain diodes might burn out just before their life expectancy 

• High upfront cost 

2) Derlights LED Grow Light 600 Watt LED Light Full Spectrum With Dual Chip High Power Plant Lamp 

This is one of the featured and best quality 600W LED grow light. It easily helps in the growth of various plants like cannabis. Now having proper lighting is necessary for any healthy plant growth and through this 600 Watt LED grow light bulb review you can find out more.  

This LED grow lamp has a various amount of wavelength and can be easily installed. It even has the best heat dissipation, available at an affordable price, long lifespan, faster delivery, and good long-term warranty.  

With regard to the full spectrum of this 600 Watt LED grow light, it is designed with 594 pcs super bright double chips LEDs, 502pcs red light, 72pcs blue light, and lumen output per watt than others. Another major feature is that this LED grow light is easy to use as the presence of the stainless steel hanging kit and plug makes it easy to plug in and the hanging kit is very much easy to install.  

Also, this grow light is a wide application. It is widely used to grow plants in tents or greenhouses. Most importantly, it is good for flowering and seeding. You can grow cannabis and hydroponic plants especially when they require some extra indoor lights.  


• Environmentally friendly, energy-saving and provides high brightness. 

• Best and professional light proportion with the best ratio which is of blue and red rays. 

• IR included along with the function of stimulating cell division, sterilization, and yield increase.  

• UL approved fans, high-quality IC, anti-noise, extended lifespan. 


•  Less powerful compared to the HID lights 

• Blue lights are good for plants but dangerous for you  

3) KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For Indoor Plants Veg & Flower 

Unlike other branded 600 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis, KINGBO is a professional one and direct manufacturer having multiple years of experience. They have extensively developed as well as research about various creative and best products like LED aquarium light, LED light growth light, etc.  

One of the major advantages of this best 600 Watt LED lights for growing cannabis is the dual optical lens series. It has a dual optical lens that can effectively increase the light output. Also, it helps in lowering the light loss, and the presence of the high PAR or Lumen output helps in providing maximum harvest. 


• Greater efficiency compared to the HID lights thereby providing lower utility costs. 

• Provides cooler temperature compared to HID, thereby saving the plants from getting extremely hot.  

• As LED provides better efficiency and cooler temperature, it will give you more hours of usage, so, this means it will last for more than 50,000 hours.  


• A bit expensive compared to other kinds of bulbs 

• Purchasing online might lead you to some fake sellers and products.  

4) Advanced Platinum Series P600 600W 12-Band LED Grow Light 

These can be considered as the next generation of the best light for growing cannabis. They are platinum-based LED grow lights which are the most powerful LED lights available in the market.   

Here the secret to the platinum LED success is the whole combination of the optimal blend of the various 12 kinds of bands of the whole light spectrum which runs all the way to the depths of the UV to the Upper IR. This provides your cannabis plant the required spectrum that is needed.  


• Top-quality US-designed LEDs 

• LED drivers are efficient in providing maximum output 

• Good 5-year warranty 


• Less powerful compared to the HID lights 

• Risk of light bleaching 

5) MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For Indoor Growing Plants 

This 600 Watt LED grow light bulb from the Meizhi series will provide a higher PPFD value and stronger light penetration for plants. But they will consume less energy in the same coverage area.  


• It has greater efficiency in terms of the lighting system. 

• Provides cooler temperature in comparison to the HID bulbs.  


• LED can be a big investment 

Ultimately 600 Watt LED Grow Light Bulb Review 

Now no doubt, 600 Watt LED grow lights are the perfect choice for growing your cannabis plant. So, go ahead and check out the above five perfect ones and make your selection.