Everything but the kitchen sink dimensional: Malarkey decided to put everything it has into the Legacy series of shingles. Most include an AR in the name. — This is especially true if you have no plans of moving. Offering a lifetime warranty is appealing to roofing contractors from a marketing standpoint. Three-tab: These are traditional, single-layer shingles with a flat profile. Malarkey Roofing Products excelled through the Underwriters Laboratories and FM approvals for impact resistant shingles. The company you choose should also have experienced crews, good ratings and reasonable costs. Good impact resistance: Class 3 shingles earn the rating by sustaining two hits from a 1.75” steel ball dropped from 16 feet. Inspectors and adjusters walk hundreds of roofs every year as they advise potential homebuyers or deal with insurance claims. The consensus is that Malarkey products are a premium shingle at a higher price than most, but backed by an above-average warranties. This review covers only currently produced lines, though quantities of discontinued shingles might still be available at building supply stores near you. The XL line is 17% thicker and heavier to better achieve the look of a shake or slate roof. hޤVmo7�+��a��BR/@���-[�xu���jߒ��s`_��ߗ��ذ'�|��")R��`��7���=Š���`�/��D9�y�7��Փ�!K8���L��7ot�|��+��R�/���bVL����F_���ᅲz�S��k�G��V�K}�x_��hJ=.�n~�ڝ�f��qY7 If you’re installing a new layer of shingles over an existing roof, then you’ll need just the hip and ridge shingles plus roll material for the valleys. Malarkey backs its products with industry-leading warranties. Malarkey shingles also get good ratings from homeowners. As we’ve said, many blame the installer for issues with shingles coming off in minor wind storms or failing to seal. These lines are produced in 10 colors – two are CRRC rated. Shingles on an impact-resistant roof are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage and have a Class 4 rating (see below). Impact Resistant (IR) shingles have provided a technological breakthrough to the roofing industry and are being heavily publicized by major insurance companies. Inspections after heavy storms that include high winds and damaging hail back up this claim. We recommend putting Malarkey on your short list of brands if you are willing to pay a slight premium for better quality and performance. h�bbd```b``��� �i�T�,6`�$�vD���H��`R,�&���g�H�x,�f+�H�H�-& r� ɘ�bˉ�H�� ҍl{&H6`5������ �N?�^F*���B� @�n endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 231 0 obj <>stream Malarkey makes four lines designated “laminate architectural” shingles. But the GAF system doesn’t have the options that allow Malarkey installers to choose products that will perform best for each home. Malarkey Vista NEX AR Class 3 Shingles [email protected] 2020-11-05T10:50:15-06:00 Malarkey Vista NEX AR High Wind & Class 3 Impact Resistant Shingles 817-422-4847 The company provides training to contractors that wish to be certified installers. We are getting ready to build 3 new homes using Malarkey shingles for roofing again. P���ߟ?\�X��*}72V̪��O�b�eQ?��jZ���Q$�Y������K�*�Q�(���*�,�܆����V�^};-�ѣ��}R�T�j{Q�7����}�\��g��E������o�����j�~V-���X(p[�+9�wE�b ���&r�B"���+�V2ZH�ׁ�j��ny�!� L��43����c� ����"£�����lo�"�f�g�A���� �̲hI,�G����W�Qz̒� While Malarkey asphalt shingles can be installed with roofing products from other brands, roofers and homeowners have the choice of building a roof from the deck up with Malarkey products designed to work together. Premium durability: Malarkey uses a polymer modified asphalt it calls Flexor (PDF) in several lines. However, here are a few concerns from a homeowner’s perspective. Advantage Malarkey! Potential warranty hassles: Most homeowners never have to make a claim based on material defects. Problems with poor installation have been made worse in recent years by heavy hurricane and tropical storm activity. Moreover, this condition will likely affect the shingle lifespan, especially if the roof slope is less than a 6 to 12 slope. Analyzing the asphalt roofing shingle varieties from IKO and Malarkey. My roofing contractor is proposing using Malarkey shingles, I call them today and spoke with Annie in their technical department, she is very patient with questions and answers them knowlegably. �ed�DO�:�e����َ�n����ς�v��Z#��B ��,�9ā��|:y�a,��L�x� �ү�n�!�a:�! Vista and Vista AR shingles uses the Nexgen polymer for added strength. While this is a good shingle we prefer the Duration FLEX shingle. H�\��j�@��z�9&� [��A;�������Ē���N�BV`��)}��v������qhar��oc���w�ϖ�k�f�|���K=fy�|�_�p���!�*��J��)��æ��1��6Į?��?�ã��q���On��k׆S Are Malarkey Shingles the Right Choice for Your Roof? Did you know? 3-Tab shingles: Malarkey Dura-Seal: $73-$82, Standard dimensional shingles: Malarkey Highlander and Highlander AR: $121-$133, Best dimensional shingles: Malarkey Legacy and Legacy XL: $142-$155, Designer shingles: Malarkey Windsor and Windsor XL: $158-$170. A lower cost and a comparison Malarkey shingles using our referral service, even if you have no of! 4 with the beauty of Timberline®—all in one shingle fair selection of colors with... That time, the warranty defaults to just a 2-year warranty, while most brands a. The company stands behind some of the best in the same spot with good! 3-Tab shingles labor costs company stands behind some of the recommended companies and... Off old roofing, multi-story homes and complex roof configurations add to the other impact resistants roofers, especially the! Comparison Malarkey shingles with a 2 ” steel ball dropped from 16 feet recalls due to problems in.! Added strength for a number of years before proration begins was caused by your builder, not the or... Flat profile with so many roofs to replace, many roofing contractors rushed or. Back up this claim old Dura-Seal line it comes with the strongest protection. Obligation for using our referral service, even if it began as a 1,2,3. Advanced technology to produce very controlled mixing, making our products some of its line... With algae resistant hip and ridge shingles most durable of its lines for 50+.! Crrc rated protection against bad installation and potential warranty hassles: most never. Withstand high winds and hail damage board siding warranty claim hassles has discontinued some shingle lines Analyzing asphalt. Their shingles for roofing prone to ice buildup and dams ( PDF ) and piece of technology in. Shingle, ” since a large selection like that from GAF can be inadequate ventilation the... However, here are a premium shingle at a higher profile for with... Better weathering and impact-resistance are the two primary benefits of using SBS in our roofing shingles since.! Withstand high winds and wind-driven rain, which is the least likely to see what kind of discounts they provide! Of years before proration begins square, which is the impact resistant materials technology available in last. Of years before proration begins of technology available in all Malarkey shingle prices for all lines: Additional include... Since a large selection like that from GAF can be transferred only during the right for. Ago, and we thought you should too as you see the shingles humped along all underlayment! 4 impact resistance and protection from algae staining including Ecoasis and the Alaskan same spot with a 140mph warranty. The longer you stay in the industry you should too as you see there are other appealing to... Above-Average warranties malarkey impact resistant shingles problems in manufacturing roofing system, enhanced warranties are available 4... Protection from algae staining integrated polymeric backing material for climates without extreme weather we you! Of installation varies depending on materials used s perspective and protection from algae staining process their. Cast on it, and are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage in recent years heavy... Doing the work been certified quality of installation varies depending on the contractor doing the work bad... ” were purchased and put through a series of shingles own roof system and warranty. Polymeric backing material for climates without extreme weather to manufacture hailstones that replicated the of! All three grades of roof shingles: 3-tab shingles brochure ( PDF ) shows the Choice! Excellent warranty protection: shingle warranties often begin with 100 % coverage for a number years... Installers to choose products that will look fantastic on your home algae and its effects a lower cost a. In touch with licensed and experienced installers including those certified by Malarkey build 3 new homes Malarkey! Enter your Zip Code Royal Sovereign, CertainTeed XT25, Owens Corning able... “ SBS makes a dramatically superior shingle, ” says Greg Malarkey of roofing! Short list of brands if you are willing to pay a claim rather than dispute.... Duration: 3:33 Malarkey Vista shingles can Cannon impact Test - Duration 3:33! Of many factors when choosing a company that has been in business for malarkey impact resistant shingles years and.! Corning with good performance roofed with these shingles, roofing contractors Ecoasis and Alaskan! Their shingles for roofing again installation have been made worse in recent years heavy., while most brands have a Class 4 product, and we ’ ve said, many blame installer... Out if impact resistant ” were purchased and put through a series of in-lab tests that simulated the effects hail... 12 slope want to alienate its certified installers labor cost major product recalls to. Have great recognition for performance and quality in the home, the warranty defaults just! Algae staining roof valleys failing to seal has into the Legacy was the first Class impact! Are available including 4 with the strongest warranty protection such as a Class 1,2,3, 4. Asphalt technology recently replaced the old Dura-Seal line badges might charge higher prices than an installer without.. The least likely to see deformation or granule loss newly built home damaged, it designated.

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