The refrigerator and freezer controls are located on the dispenser panel (if applicable). NOTE: To mute the audible alarm while keeping the doors open, such as while cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, touch any button on the control panel. Appliance Repairs by Go Assist. HOW TO FIX A WINE FRIDGE | Wine Fridge Not CoolingIn this video, Renos demonstrates how to fix a wine fridge that is no longer cooling. This can be a result of two factors: humidity, or extremely low temperatures. This will normally be a problem with the light switch but the control board can also cause this problem. Stop the wine cooler running until the ambient temperature rises. Flip-Up Storage Shelves: Adjustable so you can store items like wine and 2-liter sodas. (32) Compare Product. Stop the wine cooler running until the ambient temperature rises. Unplug the cord for a minute or two, then plug it back on. At times the beeping sound from your wine fridge could be from a small glitch in the processor. Registration, Service & Your fridge shouldn't sound like a bird or small critter is trapped inside. Northland-Marvel. The Fisher and Paykel fridge is designed such that it makes a beeping sound when it is tilted. My wine fridge is blinking the temp and beeping. ®/™ © /*

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